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Reviews for "Kamikaze Pigs"

This game is really addictive, i can't stop playin' it, but there are some things I have to criticise.
At first the Paratroopers are good to kill other flying objescts, but make it nearly impossible to get the full amount of stars. Another Problem is the Animation of the bonus stars(the ones you have to collide with), sometimes the stars get hit and start to animate that they've been hit, but suddenly the level is over, because all units are dead.
If you would fix this you'll get a 5 star rating.
However good game, keep up the good work.
Hope u will be able to fix the problems.

This game was a ton of fun and had a higher level of difficulty that kept it entertaining, but didn't make it frustratingly impossible. Oh and for Aardwolf's comment about the paratroopers... the point of the upgrade/downgrade caused by the paratroopers is to up the difficulty, but gt you closer to turning them into bombs. 5/5 fo sho!

Fun game, except for the following two things: it lags quite hard on my 4-core 3.4GHz with 16GB RAM computer, Flash can be faster than this! And, there's this upgrade where you get parachutists from helicopters or so, but these seem to be more a downgrade than an upgrade to me! These parachutists just bop around instead of dying, creating extra things that make it harder to get all stars.

Great game, tons of updates and very challenging at the end, great game :)

Awesome game - is there a mobile version?? Think this could rival those frustrated avian creatures...

MostroGames responds:

We hard working at mobile version, hope it will be ready soon :)