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Reviews for "Kamikaze Pigs"

Fun game. The "big bomb" is ineffective in fly only missions. That is, when there is a no land pigs it won't hit flying pigs and does no damage. Maybe you can tweak it so it affects flying enemies on that particular levels.

great ga... oh, wait... ¿I spend 3 hours playing this game? HOLY SHIT... this game is a drug...

307 days...

In one sitting...

Two stars left, but I quit! I killed the Baconator 2! I win!

Even with all the upgrades, some levels were still pretty hard, and mostly got won by luck.
With a little more balancing, this game would've gotten my 5 stars.

realmente é muito bom mais eu recomendo Grand fantasia

I really loved this game! However, it seems like you get less money on completed levels. This is a bit annoying, since I mostly played completed levels to get money for upgrades. Anyway, it's a brilliant game!