Reviews for "Don't Push the Button"

Nice little concept, however I found the controls to be a bit unresponsive which knocks a star off. But apart from that it was an enjoyable game :-)

this is a great and extremely hard game, which is in my favorites so I can try and do the whole thing and test my friends

It seems somewhat interesting to me, but it is made somewhat unplayable by the controls. He moves so quickly that it is very difficult to properly time double jumps. Just making it to the first platform that he can't reach in one jump took me half a dozen tries. Once I had to jump around spikes, it was quickly game over. I think if the jumps were slowed down a bit that would take care of it.

fun platformer

Pretty nice game acctually, 4 things:

1st- The title doesn't make much sense.
2nd- You should add a little more sound.
3rd- Add some checkpoints, like per 3/4 buttons 1 checkpoint.
4th- In the 5th button it just gets TOO small... Figure that out.

It's a pretty good game!!

If you want, it would also be nice some adverts, you win money!


amidos2006 responds:

thnx :) and about the title it has some how deeper meaning for me :) which means that people always tell u dont do something its safer to not do that but when u do that u found some rewards and better thing but at same time its harder to get and the warning are real but sometimes u know u can complete that and get the reward and some how u can get depressed and surrender (die) Hope it now makes sense

I know its so small as it was made for LudumDare 23 TinyWorld theme :)

Thnx for the feedback :)