Reviews for "Don't Push the Button"

SOOOOOOOOO FUN! I did not get bored after playing it for an hour. GREAT!

CHECK OUT MY GAME (LIGHTS OUT) its still under judgment so please vote on it. THANKS

Is it called Don't TOUCH the button or Don't PUSH the button?

We need to be able to buy check points with coins, or I think that this is a defined 'Rage Game' just because you have to start all over again when you die.

Checkpoints, dude, have you heard about them?
It would be really great if there was Easy/Wuss Mode where you can buy a checkpoint for 15 coins.
But whatever. The game is still great.

how do i progress? it tells me not to press the button but there is nothing to do(controls and grapics are amazing tho)

amidos2006 responds:

It's up to you