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Reviews for "Don't Push the Button"

i had a feeling if i pushed the button again something completely crazy would happen...

but i realized it was only the next level pretty cool game!

Excellent game. A bit too easy. Takes a try or two to get used to. A few coins are harder to get, bet complete victory is possible. It gives the player a chance to expand their strategies.

Checkpoint systems are awesome.
Therefore, no absolute, pure, amazing awesomeness until checkpoints are involved.
Until then, this game is slightly above average.
Why is it that you have no checkpoint system?

amidos2006 responds:

becz I think to restart from the start deliver my idea about why Don't Push the button more may be I shall do it for u :)

Cool game and the screen enlarged in every screen it's a good idea because change the perspective and requires more precision in the jumps. I think too that a checkpoint system is necessary.

Ok...not bad. Cute game.