Reviews for "TeddysExcellentAdventure"

Awesome game. I had a lot of fun.

I must admit, I loved the way the idea was simple. A game I'll let my children play for ages. I do agree with others it was a tad short and a bit laggy at times, but it is a fantastic game. The title music alone is amazing. I hope there will be a second game soon.

I really enjoyed how this game breaks the whole "circle of violence" here. Its difficulty is low, altought it is challenging enough to be fun. The game has a few bugs and animation problems (when teddy falls from a high place in the cinematics its kinda buggy when he gets up.), altought they don't interrupt or make the game impossible.

The music is simply amazing. I could sit and listen to the main title for hours.

This game is so nice! It's very cute and friendly! It's a nice change to the lulz and the carnage that are so many games these days (not that I mind those, either, but this is nice!). It had a friendly, happy ending, and was just a cute game over all. Hurray!

So... I did notice a glitch or two. Primarily, at the fish-bridge part with the bells, I summoned them in the wrong order (middle, right, left) without really knowing what I was doing. So it took me some trial and error to get the final fish, and during that time, I actually managed to UNSUMMON the other two fish! I thought they were actually gone, but it turns out they still counted as being there, so I could still walk across.

Aside from that... I think the rest were just animation glitches here and there. I actually got crushed by one of the teddy bear statues at one point, and it just warped me to the top of it. Other than that, though, rock-solid game!

I don't think the walk speed is too bad. Maybe a TEENIE bit faster. My only real complaint is that the game was a tad short! Make another teddy adventure, please! :D

Lastly, what was the song when the bees chase you? Was that something you made, or something you found? I heard the same instrument in MGS 3 when you're being chased out of the sewers by Ocelot and his cronies, and I love that woody instrument. Never been able to find out what it's called, though.

In closing; great game, very cute, a little short, but pretty well built! Make more Teddy Adventures! :D

why i feel this game is failed and perfect in same time?