Reviews for "TeddysExcellentAdventure"

not bad.
to easy.
but nice for younger users on newgrounds.

it was just too adorable =D

Great to see a happy little game, nothing to offend, nothing horrible, just nice :)

Holding the same direction on both the arrow keys and WASD will result in you not moving.

After the pelican room I walked off the left edge of the screen and fell into oblivion. The option to return to the main menu doesn't help because it doesn't save your progress for some reason.

Sorry, Jimp. Your programmer has failed you.

I can tell there was work put into this game. I praise it for that. The whole story line of the game caught my eye, it relating to Toy Story was the first thing that came to my head. This game doesn't attract just mainly girls, but those people who still have a bit of kid-spirit in them, ya' know. Though, just in my interest and opinion, I like games with more variety of controls and options. Though I adore the story line, the game isn't for me. But again, I love the work and thought you put into this.