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Reviews for "Johnny Upgrade"

I utterly loved this! The whole concept and the humor was just spot on.
Very well done!


The was well executed and very well done.No control issues,simple yet well done interface,excellent animated graphics and good sound. However,Not enough upgrades for the difficulty of the end boss.Now let me explain.The weapon dispersion pattern was almost nigh on impossible to dodge.The timing was to precise for the five health i was given. Added to that hitting him was only possible at one single moment in the given movement pattern. This is not acceptable with today's game standards.It makes for poor replay ability based solely on the frustration of the boss. old console games that were like this got relegated to the bargain bin. Work on the movement pattern or give us more health...lots more. Your game overall was good the boss was a mess. Improve the boss,improve the game.

It was really fun and simply,i like how Johnny improved so much after every upgrade,since at the beginning he was as fast as a turtle :P

But i have no idea how to get the medal,i finished the game,but i didn't unlock anything >.<

LOL really really really funny ;)