Reviews for "Johnny Upgrade"

Reading other reviews im actually terrified of how people didn't notice content only SECONDS long presented you is lenghtened by grindhouse mechanics Upgrade complete had the same thing but they had the decency to acknowledge that and added some humor and upgrades literally upgraded the game graphics and such soyou knew it wasn't lazy but here its just 1 map and you play to torture yourself a little longer even thou it gives some sense of accomplishment it is still an illusion of a game if this lead to some decent boss fight but no even contra's mechanics look brand new compared to this so i replayed contra and guess what i had fun because it was hard not because you didn't play long enough it was hard because you wasn't skilled enough while here play more the same crap over and over and OVER again for a no good reason atleast in MMO's when you grind you know it has a purpose and is a PART of the game not the WHOLE gameplay mechanics. I like the Upgrade complete premise at start but buying game time for grind eliminates even the slightest mean of challenge it gives the feeling of you MUST buy the upgrade because it is not your skill it is your time if you enjoy some literally mind fest go work in a sweat shop in fact if i had a sweatshop this game would be the interview. Bottom line This game should be renamed into Johnny mindless grindfest players usually don't mind some grind if it leads to an end and reward but here you grind to play the game where the boss has mechanics which would at best would be some a little stronger dude in a decent game with such stupifing mechanics. I you really liked this game i suggest you learning chinese and playing some korean MMO's where you can grind your life out just as senselessly just like this game with no end

this game is lowkey fun. too short doe.

This is an interesting game. Simple enough and the upgrades aren't too hard to aquire. It's a little addicting to get to the end and beat it. I like little games like this, they are enjoyable to play and give me satisfaction when I beat it. Good job on the game and I would love to see some more like this.

I'm going to go against the grain and say that the game was of appropriate length. Considering how simple the gameplay is, I don't think length is required. If the game left me wanting more due to really fun gameplay or controls and upgrades, I'd want it to be longer, but this game is fun and simple, and short as a result.

Fun, entertaining, but short. Still i enjoyed it quite a bit. I wouldn't mind knowing the song at the end.