Reviews for "Romos - Locust"


At first i was getting to like it but it wasn't working for me until the beat was about to drop. The shenanigans part i liked lol and then it got calm after 2:14, which was another nice touch. other than that the rest of the song was nice. i like the synth combo you have going on too, they go very well together. Props to you though, i find dubstep kinda difficult to work with, pretty awesome piece.

Romos responds:

Haha ty!

amazing use of effects man. nice song.

Wow...This is actually really good for your first submission. A little messy at times and could use some better transitioning. But other than that. This is something I could listen to more than once. Well done, my friend. Well done, indeed.

those water sounds are sick for some asmr vibe, then comes the drop. The drop sounds like the drop for The Chainsmokers "Don't let me down" if you are active at the radio. Overall sick for the first submission of a legend :D