Reviews for "Romos - Locust"

Sopping wet intro, build up was pretty excellent. Sampling was flawless, transitions were complicated and expertly introduced. Really dug the breakdown around the 2:15 mark, the water effects are particularly infatuating.

Gorgeous soundscape, however I think the bassline is a bit shallow and it could use a little more thumping. This is definitely worthy of the club however, I hope you've got live shows on the go homeslice!

Romos responds:

Thanks, haha I wish I had gigs but I'm only 14 :/

how on earth are you still not scouted, beautiful song! you've created a really beautiful atmosphere into the song, has a really deep feel to it, i love it, also the drop.. speechless, solid melody, this is going into my phone, no negative feedback im afraid :/ this deserves more views surely, keep it up. #Eargasm
- Pandasticality

Romos responds:

Thank you so much! :)

When I heard your chaos fantasy remix I was like Woah This Guy is Good, so I revisit you today and I find this Masterpiece!
So good for your first submission, you already earned RESPECT! :D


Yay ur scouted

Whoa. This is epic on so many levels :D ~S~