Reviews for "Banished A"

Hey TeamXHawk,Adam-Beilgard,Jonas,Miccool and oxob3000 How Many Parts of Banished are you gonna make btw great video it was reaally cool in 3D

TeamXHawk responds:

This was actually the last part of Banished. We're moving on to round 2, which will also have 3 parts. There are 3 rounds in total.

holy fucking shit how did they do the 3D part that was epic!

You gotta love these epic stick animations.
I was even more amazed by the scene in 3D!!!!!!!!!
When did they invent that?!!!!

When I see the part of LuccasBode it touch my heart, because I know him, and him it was a great friend. I miss him, and of his great animations.
Very good project guys. (':

i agree with ZAPPO123 they didnt even do an anim >=3 they most likely focused on the other two so much that they forgot about him plus they didnt spot him. if i could infinity star :D

but i like the 3-D animation