Reviews for "Banished A"

nice nice nice it was awesome

Not bad at all. Not much of an action flash, because they seemed to have an extreme reluctance to kill their pursuers. The third scene was cool, and I did enjoy watching that. The first scene wasn't all that great, but the one thing that kept bugging me were the mouth designs. You may want to work on that. Also, there was no given reason why the villagers were chasing the "freaks" throughout the forest, which seemed to have a lack of consistent plant species. There was little action, which made it more of a drama. Most of the time, it was them using their powers to evade the pursuers.Otherwise, the animation was fluid, the voice acting was OK, and the plot has been done, but nicely executed. Still room for improvement. Basically, Nice try, but please try again.

TeamXHawk responds:

I'm glad you spotted their reluctance to kill. That was actually part of the characters' personality. Sorry you didn't like that though. Thanks for your review! :)

love the 3d one well done make me wana make my owen

Wasn't bad. I liked the 3d animation the one guy did. I bet that took a lot of time.

Bonus points for it being a collab but the story felt a bit too corny for my tastes. The grey guy sounded funny too.

Love it! I love collabs where they put their different animation skills in scenes, forming one animation with no randomness, but only one story.