Reviews for "Banished A"

i give that pink guy a snipers salute for being so damn sneaky he didnt have to do anything he snook around and got to the objective. very well made movie to

Well Done Guys

I must agree with djtooth, To say someone's force has no limit yet only show 2 or three different ways the nature and telekeneesis guy fight the others doesn't make it too fair. What happened to the shots of the red guy?

I'm sorry but I got to nock a half a star for that.

So... i didnt see the pink guy until the end... Was he being chased at all?

TeamXHawk responds:

That's a good question! Actually, the participants had to choose one of the 3 characters. Nobody chose the pink guy because apparently he was too hard to animate. :)

Ah, quite nice! Collabs are always fun to watch for their variety and the 3d section was a pleasent surprise. I'm not a huge fan of stick figures but there was enough interesting animation and backgrounds to keep me engaged. The plot was a little thin, not much happened and i didn't really understand who the various characters were. The voice acting was okay but i never really got a feel fo the personality of any of the characters as they all spoke so infrequently and for such short periods of time. Regardless it was fun and well made!