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Reviews for "Invaders"

Wow this is crazy. The concept was so mindblowing and awesome! I can't wait to see more of your work! =D

The concrete definiton I could get was "lice"

It could really use a PRELOADER . . . but animation wise, its great :D

A brilliant concept, and well executed. What a treat to see more groundbreaking animation on newgrounds once again. Your piece kept me enthralled with its unique visuals and ambient audio, and shook me to the core with its elegant conclusion. It is rare, even for an animation enthusiast like myself, to be so moved by a piece of animation as I was by this. "Invaders" will be a flash long remembered, at least by me, as a source of inspiration. I hope your work receives the attention it deserves from the rest of the world as well.

Woooooooooooo... This... is... epic ! I mean... WOW ! This is just... BIG ! Gigantic ! It's... so great I can't tell how much ! Everything, EVERY detail is perfect. The drawning, the music, the story, the climax, EVERY piece of this estonishing video is awesome !

(Sorry if I make some gramma mistakes, french guy over here.^^)