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Reviews for "Invaders"

This is showing a slowed version fission. The "invader" lands on an unstable atom causing it to split, releasing one hundred "invaders" than the hundred invader continue the process until there is 1000 than 10000 than 100000 and continues until their is no more atoms to destroy. In chemistry in one "mole" there is 6.02 x 10^23 atoms. In a five hundred pound bomb there is shit ton of atoms to split. This releases a shit ton of energy which destroys everything nearby and pollutes everything with radioactive fall out for a long time.

That was actually really good! I love the animation style and shading techniques. I especially loved how you gave it the feel of an old timey movie.

Not sure if this was the intended message, or just my views of it, but I feel like this had to do with oil consumption. I could be completely wrong however.

cool i assume he was going bald?

I love the way you used the music, the art comes out damn good because of the subject and you did a damn good job making this, keep it up!