Reviews for "Lifespan"

Pretty interesting

Nice job, it sounds like this took alot of work.

MisterHerbal responds:

It really did. 3 months of work. Thanks a lot for your feedback

Pretty cool. Nice animation and style. But you confused the sex signs, thats one is female :)

MisterHerbal responds:

Thank you for the observation! It does look like the female sign before the fetus is born. And to be honest with you, I didn't give it too much attention but in reality my main point was to show that both genders are in our dna.

Should've named it "Peasant Lifespan."

Though it may be too broad for my personal taste, you did a great job animating it. I'm not a fan of the music, but I suppose it fits in with the bland averageness of the character's journey.

interesting concept, though im sad to see it got third place, im happy to see it atleast got a place :D

great i watch it 5 times, would love to see a female side