Reviews for "Lifespan"

me gusto mucho la animacion, siertamente esta llamativo

That was really cool. This would be an accurate lifespan for some people. Lolz,

Very smooth animation! Kinda depressing, though. Not your fault at all though! It's the subject matter, not the cartoon itself. The way it simplifies how we pretty much live to breed and breed to live....with maybe some video games, television, smoking, and flowers thrown in there somewhere. Life is weird. Thanks for animating it.

MisterHerbal responds:

Indeed life is weird, and so am I, hence why I decided to animate it. I wanted the viewer to watch life itself in a 2-dimensional world, and how fast it goes by, without leaving a trace, showing how everything is temporary and weird in nature. All going in eternal cycles. Repeating itself yet constantly changing. I'm glad this project is being appreciated for what it is, the concept is clear enough.
Thank you for your support! :)

It's amazing how accurate this is.