Reviews for "Lifespan"

I say this isn't bad at all. Definitely a passable submission. The animating quality was fairly good, although I somewhat disagreed with the style of animation, but that's just my preference. It was a bit corny, but also kind of funny too. Good luck on future submissions.

Man,that was indeed a cool animation.........
Loved it...........

Fucking awesome! Some great experimental animaiton right here. Great job!

This was very well animated and I appreciate the time and effort you put into it.
Watching this makes me want to better myself at 3D-ish in 2D, like what you did with the entire body spinning. Frame by frame is where its at, and...
Just all together nice job.
5 stars because I couldn't find a reason to make it 4.5.

Thank you for having the only animation that is worth a damn under judgement today. I liked it. Solid animation.