Reviews for "Crumpled"

Great game, would have gave it a five probably but it kept cutting to a black screen and i could never get past level 6 before it does.

I actually like the game better if you didn't have to control the blob.
The run and jump platform is good enough for me especially with its fluidity and parkour animations.

Love the idea of the game, but the controls are a little like am walking on ice, also we should be able to move around in mid air, its annoying when i jump into a pit and i cant even stop it.
if you fixed some controls then this would definitly be better

-1.5 = The jump system in place is a massive pain in the ass!!!

I have spent at least 2-3 hours on this game so far. I must really suck because I'm only at level 17.

This game would be perfect... if I could jump straight up... instead of to the side that I am facing. I can easily just move left or right and jump the direction I need. Jumping, the way it is, causes another problem and this is not really knowing the direction you're facing until you move left or right.

-0.25 = Please give the character a hat or hair or w/e next time, so I know which way it's facing.

Apart from this, I rather liked the blob and using it while in jump or as an 'elevator' instead of wall-sliding... of course, it has to be a color to be of any use. The creativity aspect of needing to move through the labyrinth and needing to move the blob another way to get through kept things interesting.

-0.25 = I guess my last complaint is that the blue (bouncy) blob doesn't sustain shape after landing on it.

Decently enjoyable, yet frustrating game. Keep up the good work! =)

Fun game, but the blob shapes could use some work. On some levels the shapes the blob turns into are not spaced correctly.