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Reviews for "Vegeta In Every DBZ Movie"

i thought it was funny, i admit its off, but its the humor im looking at. and dont disrespect flash creators, they actually did something compared to the lot of us.

what the fuck? it si sow gay

I wasn't terribly impressed, but then Goku showed up and I laughed my ass off. The animation on Goku was really funny. The music at the end was a little too loud and Vegeta's voice was a little too quiet, but good stuff otherwise.

Your drawings were actually a lot better than I thought they would turn out but, the voice-acting was as terrible as promised.

Though that didn't really ruin anything, all I can say that you might need to work on are looking at trying different body angles so next time Vegeta doesn't have to do perfect backflips. Other than that, not disappointing at all.

next time dont be afraid to yell or scream a little unless your scared to wake up your mama

Iznvm responds:

lol another intnernet toughguy here! My mom is fine, it's yours I was worried about.