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Reviews for "Vegeta In Every DBZ Movie"

i like vegeta so fuck you and i have a fan club i could have published it if i liked it

Iznvm responds:

lolwut.. just an fyi, vegeta is my favorite character as well... so go fuck yourself=)

Not a fan I think vegeta Isn't given enough credit. Yea i'm not a fan. sorry.


wtf confusing drawings awsome and i wrote ths note usine one hand less 2 minuits fast right XD ok yeah its cool

As you said in your comments, not great. But it was well drawn and I actually really enjoyed your voice acting. You got your point across clearly without being a true DBZ episode where the initial (loosing) fight was dragged out for 2.5 hours. :)

Some of the art was great and others not so much so the consistancy wasn't there - but very true POV on DBZ and Vegeta and entertaining. WTG!