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Reviews for "Vegeta In Every DBZ Movie"

lmao, short sweet and to the point. but seriously, suck it kakarot.

Nothing too new or interesting.

I see far too many egorapture-styled flashes these days, and they just aren't funny anymore. This wasn't completely bad, but it's really lacking. And even if you disregard that, this movie is still too short. Needs work.

LOL. It Is True. Even Though I Havnt Watched DBZ In A Loooooooooooooooong Time, I Still Remember Alot.

I think someone saw Chris o'neil's DBZ parody and tried to copy him. Other people might not see it but I see few things that tells me that it's copied from his parody. anyway. I think you will be good animator in the future but not now since this animation isn't that skillful, tho I like your anatomy skills. Also I think you need more practice for voiceacting because... well, you know already. "story" in this flash is horrible so i think you need to put more effort on the jokes and how story goes on itself.
The way OneyNG makes some of his retarded voices with his friends sounds funny, unlike you, you are not really even trying.

Quality is low, but its funny anyway. And its soo true.... Poor Veggie :P