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Reviews for "Run 2 Live - Great Escape"

Great game! good for the young ones lol :D

unique game.. i love it.. but in level 5 there're some bugs tough.. maybe you can fix that.. thanks..

Neat little game, altho i encountered a bug at the 5th level wich made it impossible ot add or deduct points from speed, so i was stuck. also it gets pretty hard pretty damn fast. another thing is that, even tho, the character changing facial expression every time he rolled was a neat little add-on, it was really annoying when he turned into your cat mascot, commercial shouldnt be in the game like that, if you ask me. also some sound effects and music change would be nice. other than that, a cool idea, a nice style, nice game concept! but needs alot of polishing. 3.5/5, 4/5

Ummm It's okay but started to get really hard but it was a great game I highly recommend it for young players...

This game isn't poorly constructed, it's simply devoid of fun. The game loses interest in no more than 3 levels. I found myself trying to deliberately spite the instructions. The music is also repetitive and obnoxious. This unbearable game is wasting time on.