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Reviews for "Run 2 Live - Great Escape"

One of the better games from myplayyard still crap.

Easy to exploit,find a level with a skill point star grab it then lose repeat.
for score find a ledge or something and jump into it you will stop but your score will keep rising.
Annoying music.
Full of MyPlayYard logo annoying as ever. Look MPY I am tired of you making games into advertisements for your site you put your site logo every where in every game you have a hand in making.

....Guess i gotta say something good......

Interesting idea? poorly executed though.

That was really good ~Desu, I had so much fun playing it and I game out at number 10 of the Top 10 when I played it :P

As much as I want to say I hate this game because I just can't seem to beat Level 06, I can't bring myself to it. This is a great game, it's very nice to see two of the best forms of gaming in one (platforming and puzzle)! The art style is good and the gameplay is very fluent and responsive. I just can't beat Level 06. I'm not sure exactly why it is, but it's very difficult. Sorry if I didn't give a good rating, I'm not very much used to the new NG layout and feel of it generally, but I assure you this deserves the highest rating possible!

Quite original. Had fun with it. Might work on the heat detection though. Get ''killed'' even though I'm far from the spikes sometimes.

i hate this game -.-