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Reviews for "Congress Chainsaw Masacre"

Itchy Tasty

i like it but...

i have better mind thes kinda of a waist of timen to waist time on this i like it still but it

Fuck SOPA.

Anyways love the game.. sooo.vicious.


Wasn't expecting any message, but it's a good one, I guess. They just don't listen!

Achievements are nearly impossible (I can only manage the 100 one), and it's REALLY gay to have to go through the ENTIRE message again to retry. So....it needs a skip after the first time...

And it's REALLY not fair when you START with 3 votes already in. That's just plain CHEATING! (Well, that'd be Congress...trying to sneak anti-thought laws in...)


Lol, had to.

Anyway, good game, better message.