Reviews for "Congress Chainsaw Masacre"

i am a ball XD

sopa needs to DIE

I don't care

you get 4 stars cause it was a game - 6 cause it had a message

wak a mole

i want to like this game but there is a problem with it. i know i have sed this in other reviews, this is by far the most common i see. that is that part of the game is off screen. the clipping of the game is off center making around 5-10 sprites invisible. during the opining some dialog also can not be read. in retrospect i don't think this is a programing problem but instead limitations of pixels that newgrounds inforces. if you could please look that up for me and contact me back. if noone else is seeing this then i have to assume that their is a bug in my flash reader. if so, i apoligies and count me as a 8.

yea i failed

lol it was fun killing all of them though!


Every time I have to watch out not to hit the other voters
but it's just impossible...
So during my 3rd play, I gave up...
I don't feel like killing people..