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Reviews for "Congress Chainsaw Masacre"

Messed up

This is the kind of thing that makes the anti-sopa/pipa group look like a bunch of bigoted assholes who can't think for themselves. How much do you actually know about sopa/pipa? And how is comical advocation of murder the way to express anger? I concur on killing congressmen, but seriously, why single them out? And yes the MPAA is retarded, but this is not why. Rating is designed to have as little impact as possible.

good game

epic graphics and funny


LEEEEEEEEEROOOOOY (Comment has been removed by SOPA)


Funny and epic! Down with dat stuff like s.o.p.a. :D

Nicely done

SOPA and PIPA only serve the interests of old conservative dbags like Rupert Murdoch and the Redstones. The geriatrics in Congress know less about the web than our grandparents do, and would be happy to strangle the internet so media moguls can make a few dollars more. But that would be another leap backward for the whole country.

Firms like FB and Wikipedia and Google are against Congress, but we shouldn't count on them. In order to permanently stop these bills we should all make as much noise about it as possible, so please sign a petition, make a page, nag your parents or whatever--just don't sit on the sidelines!