Reviews for "Scarlet Stranger"

wow , man.

ooo Italian Renaissance meets Zelda. GOTTA LOVE IT.

interesting game

interesting game although I think i may have glitched it now I can't move anywhere lol o well good game all the same


Exelente juego de aventira, parecido a zelda u otros juegos clasicos, me gusto mucho su diseƱo y la creatividad en el.

Heres my review:

Game Overall well balanced! It was fun collecting ressources, beating enemys, and trying to gather as much money as you can. Still you could have made the enemys a bit stronger or less dumb. Also I got a few bugs, I dont know why but sometimes when I entered a room I spawned somewhere above the room and as I dropped, I died, had to restart from last checkpoint. Also when I got my cursed ring to save the princess, when I finally defeated trash and tried to leave the room with her, my game freezed. So I didnt got my medal, sad.

Overall I'll give you:
4/5 Rate
4/5 Stars

Good job, I would enjoy a second part.

Pretty good game. Loved the music. Can't say anything else.