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Reviews for "Scarlet Stranger"

The game is good but,...

there are some issues I have with it, namely strange bugs and glitches.
First of all the random generation of the map. After you generate a new map the key and some map icons are spread throughout the entire map, sometimes even outside the map. I don't know if it's intentional but if it isn't look it up.
Second if you just barely move in a room that triggers mob spawning and locks you in and you press down and there is a map under you, you magically teleport to that room. When you go back in the mob room the event triggers as normal.
And third the ending. I made a cursed ring but I either get the bad ending(didn't save her) or a black screen of doom and after timer runs out game over.
If you fix those issues the game will be great.
That's the reason I'm giving it 9/10 4/5.
But overall a good game.

fun game but my story was ruined!!!!!!!!!!!

im stuck on top of a chest

I broke the game

I fell onto a door as it was unlocked with the key and got stuck past the environment. It was strange.

Beyond that, the game is very well realized both in function and in design. I really loved the way it played, sounded, looked, and generally felt. Well done!

Great Going!

For the most part this was a solid game. Layout and game design was well thought out and is very reminiscent of classic Zelda games and enjoyed it very much.

As for the bad things, I bumped into a minor bug or two one along the way.
1- I got stuck on top of a treasure chest and was unable to jump off.
2-During my first attempt through the castle, it did not give me the bad ending after exiting and I had to manually reset the castle to start over.
3- After completing my third trip and successfully saving the princess (good ending conditions) I received the bad ending, proving there IS a good ending to begin with.

I might try through a fourth time to see if I can get the good ending as intended, but I'll wait a bit to see if any patches are posted over the next few days.

Still good job and keep up the good work!

Oddly, even though I've gotten the boss key twice, it isn't giving me the achievement... @-@

otherwise, fun game; boss was a bit of a shock considering how easy the rest of game was though.