Reviews for "Abobo's Big Adventure"

Almost unplayable at times and overrated.

Most of the game is at least kind of fun. Other parts are so bad it makes you want to kill the creator!

There should be a difficulty selection. One where you can choose infinite lives for those players who are not masochistic. Once you get to the Contra stage you have a ton of lives if you die but by that time you have suffered through most of the pain.

The only reason I even gave this title a 7 is because of how accurately they remade versions of old games. The only problem was the twist they put on the games as far as bosses went was terrible!

I can understand that if you make things too easy that people will get bored and complain but there is a point of annoying that will cause the opposite effect. That is this game. /End of rant;

Abobo responds:

We cannot account for your terribleness at video-games. This represents an era where games actually presented a challenge.


I finally beat this game, took me 3 days to beat it, but i did it (rage quit a lot). First off, every level is genius. Every level reminded me the frustration, fun and the satisfaction you would get from playing a game in the NES back in the days. The gameplay was brilliant, all had something from the original games but with a twisted charm. I didn't notice a difference on the music, but i am ok with that. Overall, the game was amazing and it deserves to have an award. Thank you, I never thought i would get to play these games again. Thanks.

Epic And Cool

Good ,Cool ,Amusing ,And Addicting Game

this was awesome thank you

i only hope this stay up for longer then pokimon TD dose

An Ode to the classics

The creat0rs toke time to find wierd classic charaters to throw into the game witch grabs my attention. also the game is fun an has old school controls.