Reviews for "FIVE/5"

Grat game

Very entertaining and challenging


Original, fun, quick, and good music. Now I'll have to replay and find out what happens when I don't get the heart in time.

Game-breaking glitch

There is a game breaking glitch in this game that has prevented me (and others, looking at the comments) from completing the game.

This happens with the fourteenth tile, when trying to get the key to unlock the fifteenth tile. After getting the key to the dead-end vertical passage, you unlock the upside-down Y shaped passage. Climbing to the top of the dead end passage using the ladders, jumping to the tile with the vertical drop, then quickly changing the dead end tile to the upside-down Y shaped tile and falling will leave the player stranded in a tile that it is not possible to get out of.

This game-breaking glitch can easily be fixed by installing ladders in the upside-down Y shaped tile. I would highly recommend doing so, since the game is not complete-able with this glitch.

I just wanted to alert you of this in case you weren't already aware. Besides this one flaw, the game was great and a fun experience. The music was especially fitting, and increased the intensity of the moment. All very terrific design choices.

Damn it...

Stuck in the upside down Y. Send rope. Other than that little mishap, I almost beat it. I will try again later. Good g

Well executed.

Really well put together. The storyline was enough to enhance the atmosphere without dragging down the game by being overly talky. Very simplistic and well presented.

The gameplay is taught intuitively which is great with the exception of the part where all tunnels on a side need to be matched up to be able to pass, which was frustrating not knowing. This sort of thing hurts the gameplay a little as games are all about the user understand or being able to learn the rules. If there is a rule the player doesn't know it causes frustration as they don't understand why their solution to a problem wont work. Otherwise everything about the gameplay was excellent.

Graphically and aesthetically it was well represented, conveying depth with simple graphics but a really nice aesthetic feel that ties everything about the game together nicely. Nothing confusing or clunky and helped the overall feel of the game.

Music suited the needs of the game and was not intrusive and faded into the background adding a gentle layer to the atmosphere to the game. I would say the music chosen was pretty close to perfect.

Overall it was a quick immersive piece of gameplay which while hindered by an unexplained aspect of the gameplay still came together for an excellent 5 minute adventure.

Great work, a great example of modern flash game design.