Reviews for "FIVE/5"

Good One

On the start was hard for me but later i see the ''hint''

nice game

Really entertaining, i like most of MO's games, because they are unique, not that clone platformers, puzzles and So on. Nice concept, nice work, awesome style and gameplay, FIVE/5, 9/10.

Great 5 minute game!

I have to say, that this was by far one of the most fun games I've played all night. The premise is ok with not a lot of story, but not a lot is needed. The puzzle aspect is amazing. Atmosphere fits well and adds to the whole experience. The music is good, although repetitive, so 5 min is tolerable without it getting too annoying. Controls are fine with no problems. A great quick game to easily spend 5 min on. The only reason I gave 8/10 stars was for two reasons. First off, it is extremely difficult to tell how each tile matched perfectly. Some seem to fit but do not. Even with this fact, it is still beatable in under 5 min. Second is the size of the game (screen real-estate, not length). It was just a little too small and I feel might also contribute to my first dislike. Perhaps if it was a bit larger the detail of fitting tiles together wouldnt be such a bother? With those as my only two issues, the overall play was great!

god this is confusing..

If only there was some marker that showed how maps were able to fit together..