Reviews for "FIVE/5"


guys you need only the 2 parts connetcted to have all of the tunnles connetcted.. for example -+- will work but -+= won`t because the = has one tunnel shut down..

Great game~

It was nice! Really quick. I like how it's sold of: Five minutes to change your reality. I found it to be a good puzzle that wasn't too difficult. And a note to others who have reviewed it and said it's glitched/bugged etc... It isn't. Everything fit together fine. There may be some elements you yourself are missing!

cool game

don't understand why some people are complaining about the difficulty it was pretty straight forward, fun but too easy

Good idea, bad execution.

Some platforms, even though they are at the exact same height, don't let you move in between them. I'm not sure if there's something with the back ground I'm missing, or if it's just to keep the game from being too short and easy, but it was really annoying.

I'm Stuck D:

Sorry for the bad note, normally i would have put like 8, but it's just for you to see (i hope) that i found a bad glitch near the end and it was sad :(
Or maybe i'm too stupid to find the next clue.. but i've really search everywhere, i'm stuck.
here's a picture of how im stuck: imgur. com/nMxJK