Reviews for "These Robotic Hearts of Mine"

wow mix feelings with me

i love the play of the game but playing it and understanding about the story.. dang.. i can't play this ever again.. it was good but man i got me all choked up and i couldn't bare the fact that i would feel the same way... i lik eit but... i hate it as well for the story and music like hit me at the deepest bottom of my gut... so good story but one i have to stay away from it.. keep up the nice work

I really liked it.

I liked the story. A lot. I'm gonna sneak off for a cigarette now... good game, too.... cheers


That was deep..
Moral of the Story: One should not devote themselves to one thing or another.. but should show love and affection towards all things

Moral #2: Never wish to be more then you already are.. you are perfect in your own way, and dont let anything change it, because you will hurt more people then you think you would.


I suck in this games xD


reminds me of viricide, so sad! T_T