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Reviews for "These Robotic Hearts of Mine"


Originality, a good story and a nice and challenging puzzle. But way too simple (even if effective) graphics and repetitive gameplay.
The problem is: Now that you have found a way to make a nice game, you repeat that formula in every level, not even thinking if it may kill the story. Because it killed the story for me. Probably some pictures describing the story would help.
But a nice game.


A bit hard, but it's about time we had that on Newgrounds. It doesn't take any marks away.


That made me feel great and then it mad me feel like crying

Gave me headache.

But excellent game and great story though.

AWESOME! this is a real puzzler

i really really liked it my brain... argh! i loved it keep the good work up!

P.S don't worry bebe7392 people do hate this game but most people hate your user name the much much more (hench "bebe" justin bieber/the forsaken one)