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Reviews for "Legend of the Void"


Great game i get bored very easily so it goes without saying once i start a game i usually stop mid way or as soon as it starts repeating itself but in this game i was actually compelled to play it all the way to the end ... and just some tips it should be easier to lvl up and you should get more skill points i was lvl 7 or 8 i think and still didn't have any full skills tree whether it be battle discipline or rage but all in all great game i just wish i had gotten more skills to use & lvled up more so i could use the 30 strength armor and gear i was warrior class btw


I enjoy a good rpg and this delivers everything a good rpg show has. Hope to see more of your work.

Love the game, encountered bug...

Game definitely pulled me in during gameplay. Addicting, enjoyable... the dialogue seems to be done well. I would've kept playing but I ran into a game-freezing bug during combat with Malfaren. Somehow, after killing a summoned skeleton, it kept reappearing. Then, when I stopped killing it, a second one spawned somewhere way off screen and attacked with a weird graphic.

Then, a windmill attack graphic, a damage icon (-53), the text msgs "sword attack", "heal", and "summoned skeleton's turn" all froze onto the screen. The game had been lagging, so I had turned down the quality quite a bit. I'm beginning to think the game has a massive memory leak.

Despite this, I will try to come back and play the game some more later. Quite addicted. Hope it works next playthrough. If devs want a screenshot, I have one saved on my computer. I will email it if interested.


this game was awesome I just beat it I am going to play the second one now keep up he good work guys!