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Reviews for "Legend of the Void"

Completed all the game in no saves

It took me around a 1 hour was cool soo... I didn't stop playing at the end it was just
three golems and gazzen with the void, what could I say abaut the game?!
Fairly good graphics, fantastically playable game Liked every small detail abaut the game.

awesome game, and I love the reference.

the reference to Jack London's "call of the wild" was a great touch. some bugs need to be fixed, ie your followers getting stuck behind bushes.

LOVED it. Don't Stop!

I definitely want to see a sequel to this, I couldn't stop playing.

Few suggestions ...

I believe you should pick up a third companion somewhere. It'd be a lot more fun if you could have a Rogue, a Warrior, and a Mage in your party ... gives you a chance to explore more options as well as more places to spend your hard earned money. Something I noticed ... (I played a mage) I was given umpteen different staff weapons to choose from, but after defeating the executioner and winning the 'Eye of Gold' I didn't need any of those weapons. Perhaps having a different placement/balance of weapons/armor could improve gameplay/flow?

The storyline seemed very rushed to me ... it was always 'hurry, hurry, faster, faster' perhaps having a storyline that makes you take some time to get through would be a nice benefit?

On to achievements!! We got all kinds of achievements in the game ... (I'd like to think I got all or most of them) but we didn't get any Newgrounds medals for our hard won work! It'd be really great if you could align your achievements with Newgrounds medals so we can have a cool record of what we've done.

You said the bonus issue is known to you ... but it could have greatly helped me in equipping a stronger sword on my warrior companion but didn't because the stats didn't show up. On this same issue ... you should let us, the player, decided where our companion's stats align. I would have made sure that my warrior friend had a decent stat arrangement so I wouldn't have needed above mentioned bonus.

Overall it was a great game. The graphics quality was pretty darned decent, especially for NG. The gameplay was relatively easy and without major glitches excepting the bonus items. I have no idea what the default difficulty was ... but I aced the game on it without any real problems ... I lost a single summoned minion once. The music seems to fit the game really well, kudos to that (some games just throw some random track in). I don't really have anything else to say ... Congratulations on an amazingly well put together RPG adventure and I look forward to a sequal :)

Easily one of the best games on NG, and well deserving of all 5 of my rarely given stars.

I'm hooked on this game. I don't have a single complaint about it, the music is clear and not repetitive, fun fighting mechanics, both the overhead graphics and battle scene graphics are fairly smooth and not to mention all the loot to keep it interesting. Good job.