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Reviews for "Legend of the Void"


I'm an RPG fanatic so when I saw this game i just HAD to play it and I'm so glad I did. A rating of 10 and 5 just does not seem like enough for this amazing game. I love the cliffhanger "ending" and it makes me want more and more. Please come out with Chapter 2 ASAP...I'm dying to know what's going to happen next.

wow! cool

I love the music, the control system and the combat engine! The animation in this game rules! I really like the art work! I also like the fact that each class is unique in every way! There's really nothing at all to NOT like about this game! Awesome job!

10 hacked, slashed, and bloodied cultists out of 10!

Great game

But i have a few nitpicks. The weapons and armor never really seemed to make a difference, my characters got stronger after leveling, but changing swords or armor seemed to do next to nothing. Nother small thing, is for your next release you should be able to navigate by clicking the mini map, a very small complaint.


I was addicted to this yea, just finished it but it felt all too easy the only battle i had to use potions was the last one, also i got a bug where my summon had a bleeding and then it killed an enemy and then died from the bleedin and then it just stopped working, good thing i could run from the battle so no damage was done, overall very good!