Reviews for "Bullet Audyssey"

I played this when it was new but didn't review it then. I love the game and the creative use of the music as part of the game mechanics. The only real improvement I can see is to make it so I can use the mouse for single player. Just add a control option for it. Otherwise the game is nearly perfect, one of the best on here.

Everyone loves a bullet hell shooter! :D Right...?

the game get 7 out of 10 and the gameplay get 5 out of 10 and the music get 100 out of 10 for real i loved it

I FREAKIN' ADORE THIS GAME! Ain't gonna lie, I would've enjoyed it even more with mouse controls, but even as is it's fakhin supah! And that's saying something coming from someone who really isn't fond of this kind of music.

The music is the best feature for this game