Reviews for "Bullet Audyssey"

Epic Music,Great concept,Colorful visuals

Good, but the game suffers from serious performance issues and not having anything really interesting about it except the main concept.

The main concept was executed in a way that was mediocre, but it reminds me so much of those flashy vertical shooters that I could not bring myself to give it a bad score.

The controls are tight, the graphics are excellent, the music is amazing, but I found it easy to get bored of quickly.

The whole "Scrape bullets to get ammo" concept is interesting, and had a lot of potential. But it isn't exactly easy to understand right away. Maybe that's just be being a dumbass, but this is a review. Not storytime.

Overall, it is a good game, but has a lot of mediocre details in it and it tries so hard to be like many other arcade shooters like, for instance, Frantic, but fails.

Anyone have the link to get these on your ipod?

This game is so addictive.Perfect music,perfect gameplay,perfect everything well done

Being the rhythm lover I am, I had played this before, but the computer I had at the time couldn't handle all the action. Now that I've basically completed the game, I can finally review it and I have to say, it's pretty awesome.

Even though I don't normally like shmups, especially with the crap that you have to keep track of, I thoroughly enjoyed it because both the music and the general creativity of the patterns made it that much more interesting for me to play. I also really liked the credits. Games don't usually incorporate gameplay into the credits so it was a treat for sure.

Like I already stated, the music was enjoyable. Some more than others, but regardless, I liked the music choices, but definitely "Earth's Assault on the AI" has to be my favourite. Thankfully, I'm not picky when it comes to music.

The difficulty is all over the place. Of course, the early levels are quite easy. There was definitely one instance near the end when it gave level 16 a ridiculous setup with shots from basically all directions with lasers while level 17 was super easy by having only side shot with an easy to hit weakspot. I dunno, maybe it's a personal preference since I hate having to dodge the lasers in this game. But overall, with the upgrades you can get and the level ups of attack and number of ships made it a proper curve I suppose.

All in all, I would love to see some kind of sequel or an update to this. Definitely deserving of 5 stars. Keep up the good work :V