Reviews for "Bullet Bill 3"

Its pretty cool

Its alright its just it doesnt pause better thatn the last 2

Awesome game :D

Just try and beat this ;P

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very well, but also very challenge

well now, this game is very good, although it has a few bugs in it. perhaps the only bugs are what I like to call "challenge spikes" the type of thing that can make a great game or make a very terrible game, in this case, the challenge spike is much like an old proverb "feed a man a fish, and he will eat, teach a man to fish, and he will never go hungry." what i mean by that is, once you've unlocked a few characters, the game becomes extremely easy, but its not so easy trying to get the character .

the graphics are very nice, staying in one style when needed to, I'm actually proud that you put the same type of style of the SMB enemies, platforms, bosses, etc. the same to any of the characters. wchihc by the way, are very nice selection of characters, (since I'm a bit of a brony, Rainbow dash, wouldn't be so bad as an addition ;P) 10/10

the sound WAS FUCKING AMAZING, mad props to wolfgun, my favorite music was the bonus stages, fucking awesome, if I could judge only the music it would be like a 12/10

now then, Game play, here is where i ran into a few issues, the first level of the level is moderately easy, but then once you get to the first boss, I wanted to grab the key, think that "well, in the pirit of SMB, I wonder if there will be phantos" and boy was I right...but jesus fuck, I thought that the phantos were so much of a challenge spike, it made the game completely unenjoyable (not to mention the first boss' unlock) however once you start getting used to it, its no big deal. and then you want to start unlocking ALL of the characters. which is where i found its a bit of a challenge. I would have made the first boss Phanto a bit slower than the rest, to get the audience familiar with the phanto movements , and THEN hit me with the crazy fast speed and homing attacks (which in my opinion seem kind of cheap)

another problem I also had is, once you've unlocked the amazing guy, or guile, it loses its "speed challenge" and becomes more of a "lets see what I can break...ohmygod this is sooo boring challenge"

extra features are good, stage creator is nice and simple yet still assessable, and nice.

all in all, you could of made the difficulty spikes a little less...well..spikey, but it was still fun and enjoyable, and I still love the series, very good job psy city, bravo

Loading takes forever but ...

Its worth it , the game is really really awesome , keep doing this , i hope one day you work for Nintendo and bring those great games to the game consoles too

Nothing like artificial difficulty

Yeah, that's right, I said it. Artificially enforced difficulty. The freaking key and the freaking phantos. Seriously, considering that Super Mario Bros. 2 is the black sheep and didn't even feature bullet bills or Bowser I wonder why you even put them in there. The bosses were already tricky enough without being SPAMED by phantos.

It wouldn't be so bad if they were just bullet-dodge spam, but they're bullet-dodge, homing spam. Oh and they're a lot, lot, lot faster than they ever should be. They just drain the fun out of the game faster than all get out.

Take them away or take away their ability to home in on you after they commit to an attack and you can reclaim four stars for the terrible cheapness.

Other than that the music, graphics, and design are great. I could use some better mouse control, but it's serviceable. Those freaking phantos.