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Reviews for "Bullet Bill 3"

Great but..

You cannot effectively play it because of the huge hitbox and the boss and masko fights are nigh impossible because of the lag.

whats the name of the song in the beginning

whats the name of the song in the beginning i really want to know


I've been waiting for this for so long! 5/5! excellent work!

Some things to add next time:
Add back the psy city guy as a character,
as well as sonic, who could do a spin dash or just go super.
Also, flashback levels from the original games.


its a great game i guess. to hard for me though; boss 3's attacks keep going behind his ship and I can't see where they are until they hit me >:{ this game isn't for me but its still fun


It's ok, I guess. I don't see why it's SO popular, but it's fun while it lasts.