Reviews for "Bullet Bill 3"


Kirby!Michael!...Bullet Bill1In one game ... I liked the two first but this one is... AWESOME SAUCE!!

Love it

It is Difficult but that is part of the fun!
@Tryptamine420 Read the instructions!
Enter/Space/Escape/Middle Click: Pause/Unpause Game

Ball Bustingly Difficult.

This game busted my balls. 3-4 is hella difficult.
Also, this game is NOT very laptop friendly. I feel as if I am at a MEGA disadvantage with playing on Presario 2100. as compared to someone at a Personal Computer.
I know I could hook up a mouse, but when I don't have any at my disposal, this makes it more difficult to play.
Another thing is I would add a sensitivity button somewhere. God knows how many times I went flying out into the breachs of god knows where.
Otherwise, this is very fun, but I would add a difficulty button.

very good

bullet bill was better than excpected because i didnt like bullet bill 1 and 2


Dude, not everyone is a pro. Don't make ultra-impossible levels like World 3-4 is. I mean, Bullet Bill 1 and 2 were fine, but this one is impossible. Just add difficulty levels. You only added "Hard", you must add "Easy" too. Atleast there is a Level Creator so I can spent my time there. So, on Bullet Bill 4, remember to add Difficulty Levels.