Reviews for "the Engineer"

I can only say this


Finished game, you can too.

This game is an excellent piece of work, a large amount of effort was put into it, music got a little repetitive but the rest of the game worked well, nice sense of progression, a good learning curve when you get into a good strategy, and an excellent story for a game of this genre. I personally had no technical difficulties so I can't say I ran into any bugs like the rest of the reviewers.

Strategy for new players: Spend all you initial money on flamethrowers near corners and choke points, and lasers at bottlenecks, then get a medical station to heal you up (as long as you stand on it). Whenever you successfully hack a terminal, the waves get stronger, so be prepared for the higher powered units before you capture a point. If you die, just learn from your mistakes and try again, all the levels are possible with a little strategy and a load of flamethrowers.

Strategy later on in the game: Focus on making a "base" somewhere you can retreat to after collecting scrap. At the levels with tanks an walkers, be sure to get an armory and get max armor, tanks will kill you fast if you stand still without armor. Never try to kill higher level enemies by standing still and shooting out them, if you want to kill enemies with you weapons, stand out of their range with a rocket launcher( its heat seeking, very useful), mostly stick to flamethrower turrets and missiles. I personally didn't use EMP that much, but it is useful when all the lanes filter into one spot with an EMP and a wall of missiles.

For defeating the boss: Collect all the scrap in the map, then run to the edge, build a max level medical station, an armory, a missile turret, two flamers flanking your enclosure, and max armor. Don't worry about the chopper, its only a threat when you get in the way of its massive bullet storm. Focus on upgrading your flamethrowers and getting more missiles. Your goal is to stay alive as the chopper wanders into your flamethrowers and takes massive damage.

Again, well made game, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I love it! Quiet inovative

@mursie Dead robots drop scrap. Walk over it to pick it up. Simple

no companagg

great game but theres no com. or survival mode

They've done it again

Leave it to JAZZA and the others to make yet another awesome game.