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Reviews for "the Engineer"

Grat Game but


I think I'm in love :D

I've been hoping to see a game like this for a while now. The possibilities are endless :D , great work. Might possibly have an interesting multiplayer future ? :D

To thabutcha6709 , I'm running Vista Business 32-bit with Flash Player 11 (Firefox, took a while to figure out how to get past the default Flash player 10* that it only wants to install) Display card GeForce 9600 GT... Game runs smoothly at all times with no problem what so ever, don't think it's your operating system thats an issue.

great game, and those those few...

if you are seriously going to rate a flash animation a 0 because you can't figure out how to update flash, you should be permanently banned from this website

For some reason the bottom of it is cut off now, this is a recent issue because I played it when you first made it and it wasn't like this.

This game is really awesome, from beginning to end. I really like the ability to not only create turrets but upgrade yourself as well.
There are still improvements needed for the game though like:
1: For the weapons, I feel like the laser is downgraded when it reaches level 3 due to the increase in firing delay.
2: Feels like the shotgun is underused for me because the other weapons are much better, perhaps the flamethrower can have greater range instead?
3: I think the more powerful robots should drop more scrap metal instead of just all robots drop 2 scraps. Maybe the helicopter and tank can drop alot more?