Reviews for "the Engineer"

No support for Vista?

I would love to play this, looks interesting but Windows took a crap a couple of years ago and Vista is what floated to the top. Oah but a hundred dollars and I can get Windows 7 and then I can play. This is why I love my PS3. I will give this an 8 just based on what other reviews I have read. Just wanted to give some frustrated peeps the skinny on why they can't play. *sigh*

nice game, but...

i can't give a full score... why? because even as i type this i have broken the survival mode without cheating, perhaps in survival mode you had too reload the ammo of your turrets, or if they could actually be targeted and destroyed it be better, right now i am literally an hour in, and i'm just standing on a lvl 3 aid pad while stuff blows up around me... may wanna look into that

Qwite hard!

You have to find the right tackticks and by adding the terminals mean sits pratickaly impossible to camp! Tip to rage qwiters, an upgraded turret is MUCH BETTER than 5 none upgraded turrets insted, I lernt thet the harrd way.
ADVISE TO JAVA: You could put in a difficulty bar, as IT is VERY HARD!


Would be a 10/10 if not for the insurmountable difficulty.
This game has MAJOR balance issues. Every level the enemies get tougher and tougher, but your abilities NEVER get any better!!! It REALLY needs upgrades that transfer from level to level. And the scrap you get from enemies? Also, there is no point in trying to get the scrap enemies drop because you wont get enough to build anything from that source, you are stuck with what you start with and what already on the map. I cant get past the first suburbs level because the enemies are just too damn tough.

I use Firefox :|

I got no lag from this at all, so I will be giving a review of what I actually thought of the game.

The Good: It was a nice game that lasted a couple hours (I didn't bother with survival because, quite honestly, the game wasn't that fun). The cutscenes were well done, and I like seeing people putting some serious effort in their games.

The Bad: The only gun, and the only turret you should ever be using is the flamethrower. Beating every level got a lot easier once I stopped dealing with machine gun towers. I'm saying this is bad because the guns/towers seem really imbalanced. Mowing down tanks, helicopters, and mother ships with mass flamethrowers while standing on a medipad and the enemies can't do anything about it. It started to feel like *I* was the boss (which isn't something I look for when fighting a boss).

Nicely made game, but the weapon imbalance made the game more of a challenge of testing out weapons to see which was best, rather than using the best weapon or formation for the situation. Or thinking, at all, whatsoever.

3.5 out of 5 (rating 4)

Would've been a 3, but I DID enjoy the finished feel of the game. And nice cutscenes! (though cheesy)