Reviews for "the Engineer"

For what it's worth...

The game works just fine over here. Granted, my computer is literally a few days old, but still, there's not a glitch in sight. I like how the game combines several formats, sporting a combination of tower defense, shooting and resource managing mechanics. It's a fun game, and the artwork is great. The gameplay is a bit repetitive, but with this learning curve you still have to work to keep up. The main character is also a nice piece of work, a true post apocalyptic 80's action hero.

Really fun

I liked it a lot. I wanted to report that, while playing this game, firefox's plugin container would slowly use more and more ram. I'd say after about 30 minutes of playing, it would end up using about 500 Mb of ram. Win 7 Ultimate SP1, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 Gb Ram and a NVIDIA 7600 GS.

Scout says:

Need a Dispencer here!!

I TOLD you not to touch that thing!

And other various TF2 references engaged! This one's a real treat though, a mix of material management and timing, since there as some VERY cheap tricks I learned after a while, but I won't spill the beans. That was the early levels though, the later stuff'll challenge your socks off to an extent CLOSE to being unfair, but not if you learned anything on the way to that level. Very fun though, a real sweat-session if you can manage it. If you're expecting to just shoot your own way thru it without thinking though, forget it.. but no one 'round these parts does that

Beautiful game...... i wish there was a zombie. :(