Reviews for "Ucogi's St.Pattys Game"


.... was i just trippin', or was the music a version of the castle town theme from orcarina of time? O.o lulz anyways great game dude, fun, challenging but not frustrationg, and good animation! Definately make some more games, can't wait to see some new content from ya!

Veinom responds:

Indeed that was a remix from OoT (credits inside the game). Can't wait to make more sexy game myself!

Scared the hell outta me.

I love it.
The parts where I screwed up scared me half to death. I love a good shock.
Cool game.

Veinom responds:

these "jolts" happen to me too! glad you appreciate them!


i was fine with everything except the parts in which it dosent really show the path when you cross Ucogi. The art was damn good and the mazes got you like 'OMG dont screw up!'. And the @Skysan learn to appreciate humor and dont go around like 'OMG im a fricken genius about perverted undress games' its his(or her) first hentai so appreciate it. Ill be waiting for more Ucogi games in the future!


Awesome game the maze were challenging it was fun and the song is really great.

A game worthy of 5 stars. I enjoyed the mazes, which were challenging, yet, I even enjoyed learning something new. Great game overall.

Veinom responds:

I'm glad you like it. XD
We need more educational porn games like that! lol