Reviews for "Ucogi's St.Pattys Game"

sweet jesus

Finally, a decent hentai game! I failed 40 times in my long journey but it was worth it.
Also, do not click the devil bitch's tits in the yuri scene until you are done fapping.

Veinom responds:

Whoever said hentai can't have quality, I'm here to prove them wrong!

Damn it!!!

it will be some much easier to wright this review if i was using both hands......... jk

this game has fantastic art work, as for the gameplay, although i have seen dozens of other point and click games, i havent yet seen one like this. the ability to move your mouse through the maze is something really unique, and surprisingly difficult to do if you dont have a steady hand....... gigitty
10/10 5/5

Great game

Both of the girls r very sexy and i like the challenge of the game just to strip a girl its great But the most challenging part is trying to stay focused on the line with such a hot girl in front of u


great game with amazing graphics and a sexy ending. i just cant find the secret menu. i found it in the hangman but cant find it here. can someone help me

Veinom responds:

The second way of finding it in Hangman, is very similar to St. Pattys ;)
Alice gives clues... if you can find them!