Reviews for "Ucogi's St.Pattys Game"

I have seen this before........

I have seriously played this before......
You sure you are the creator?
Or did you release it anywhere else before?

Veinom responds:

it was stolen from my site (ucogi.com) on its first release. but this is the final version with the yuri ending ;)

I love a challenge!

It was hard but once you preveil it is totally worth it!
Great job!


A well programmed, well drawn hentai game with trivia, hilarious dialogue, epic music and a fairly original method of undressing our lovely lady?
Who the hell hit me with a bus, 'cause I must be in Heaven.

Last one!

The last maze made me rage face and lol at the same time! I loved the game and actually learned something too. Very very good work and I hope to see more by you.

Veinom responds:

thanks! :)

Damn I shouldn't have touched her breasts haha