Reviews for "Handless millionaire"

well.....pretty good

but 7/10 because of the small ammount of achivements, upgrades may seem pretty good (like, buy drugs or upgrades to shake less the hand, or ZEN focus for make it everything slower, also, after you got the number 14, it seems to have a bug.....it appear everything invisible, even when i reached over a million


it had a decent look to it, but it's damn near impossible to play on a laptop


this needs more mods to play different kind of mini games besides the cutting hand knive.

haha I discovered a way to do it very fast and beat the game,you have to change the settings on your mouse and make it move the cursor faster and you will finish this game easily with out losing any hand nor fingers, lol.

Very funny, is make good game with poor grammars. Many laugh ensue.

Ha lost both hands for $8